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Why we are building FamSchool

Because we listened to parents like YOU:

I've been really concerned about my child's education lately. In her traditional school, she seemed to be constantly misunderstood. The class sizes were so large that the teachers just couldn't give her the individual attention she needed.

- Mom, Cedartown, GA

The whole school model is broken. Lazy busy work and worksheets and fluff most kids will never use.

- Mom, Lucedale, MS

My daughter has always been exceptionally bright, well above the curve in terms of intelligence. I've noticed that she tends to act up in public school, and I think it's largely because she's not being challenged enough.

- Mom, Augusta, GA

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Jul 15th, 2024

Mar 4th, 2024

Life skills only. Curriculum and lesson plan assistant

USD $3 / mo. / child after 30 day free trial (introductory offer for the first 10 users)

Life skills only. Offline work flows (with our mobile app), OCR & auto grading

USD $10 / mo. / child after 7 day free trial

Mar 31st, 2024

Apr 30th, 2024

Additional subjects (STEM, social sci, etc.) & more…

USD $15 / mo. after 7 day free trial

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